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Offshore Fishing

Offshore Fishing Charter

Offshore Fishing is defined as any fishing done farther than nine miles from the coast. Here the water is cooler and fish bigger.

What is offshore fishing?

Unlike most of the smaller boats in our area, Seafood Charters has the Gulf of Mexico federal permits for charter fishing beyond 9 miles. Captain Keith has spent years SCUBA diving many of the offshore ledges, wrecks, or reefs that we will be fishing. His knowledge of the underwater topography gives him an edge when dropping lines. Grouper, snapper, hogfish, kingfish, cobia, and Spanish mackerel are common target species. Be prepared to weather the waves and wind as well as handle bigger fish.‚Äč

‚ÄčThese fishing charter trips travel beyond 9 miles, and need a special permit. The 9 mile mark is where international waters begin, and why a special permit is necessary. On these trips, you may see grouper, snapper, hogfish, kingfish, cobia, Spanish mackerel, amberjack, and many other species.

Offshore Fishing Charter | Fish You Might Catch

Offshore Fishing Goliath Grouper Anna Maria Island


The Grouper is a name for several species of fish found in two large genera. They are known for their distinguishing mouth and size. There are various types of grouper: gag, black, goliath, red, scamp, etc. As you might guess, the goliath grouper is the biggest, and can be up to 8 feet in length and up to 800 pounds in weight.

TASTE: A very popular seafood item grouper is lean, mild, and moist. The red and gag grouper are considered to have the best tasting meat.

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Also know as the King Mackerel, this fish is a migratory species found in warm waters. They are a prized game fish and are known to be difficult to catch.

TASTE: Meat is fairly fishy, but if cleaned right can be tasty.

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florida offshore fishing hogfish Anna Maria Island


Hogfish are found all along the east coast. They have three dorsal spines, a protruding mouth, and usually have a black spot near the base of their dorsal fin.

Interesting Fact: Hogfish are born female and then become male later in life.

TASTE: Hogfish meat is similar to grouper but a bit lighter and sweeter

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Offshore Fishing Florida Snapper Anna Maria Island


This is the name for a number of different species that include the cubera, mangrove, mutton, red, queen, and yellowtail snapper. They come in a variety of colors but are marked by a long, spiny dorsal fin.

TASTE: Snapper meat has a firm texture with a slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

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Offshore Florida fishing Cobia Anna Maria Island


Also known as the black salmon or lemonfish, the cobia is one of the larger fish you can catch in Florida. The average weight is around 30 pounds. They are dark on the top, white on the bottom, and have a flat head.

TASTE: Cobia is a firm and mild meat with a slight buttery flavor. It easily takes on flavors it is cooked with.

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Florida Spanish Mackerel Anna Maria Island offshore fishing

Spanish Mackerel

Smaller than the King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel have a greenish back, silver belly, and are spotted. They are found in large, fast-moving schools.

Interesting Fact: A female can have up to 1.5 million eggs in a spawning season

TASTE: Slightly acidic and known to have a fishy taste. They are best smoked.

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4 Hour


  • Fishing as far as 20 miles offshore if weather permits.
  • All charter rates include up to 6 guests.
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6 Hour


  • Fishing as far as 30 miles offshore if weather permits.
  • All charter rates include up to 6 guests.
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8 Hour


  • Fishing as far as 40 miles offshore if weather permits.
  • All charter rates include up to 6 guests.
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8 Hour


  • Fishing as far as 50-60 miles offshore if weather permits.
  • All charter rates include up to 6 guests.
  • 2022 red snapper season runs June 1 - August 18th.
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