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Young boy on Mangrove Snapper Fishing CharterIs the mangrove snapper on your fishing list? If so, then Captain Keith and Seafood Charters are here to help! With Seafood Charters, you can experience a mangrove snapper fishing trip combined with tips on cleaning, fileting and storing the fish after the catch!

Captain Keith has been in the chartered fishing game for more than a decade. That means he knows how to create an enjoyable fishing experience for the whole family, while equipping you with valuable knowledge about fishing the ocean waters.

Because of his extensive experience, he knows the topography of the ocean and ensures your group only visits the best areas where Mangrove Snapper are known to lurk. As a family man and a US Coast Guard-licensed mariner, Captain Keith is your ultimate guide in creating a memorable fishing trip to the Gulf.  Besides his fishing skills and knowledge of the waters, Captain Keith will stay on hand to clean and filet the fish you’ve caught, as well as bag the fish with ice so you can take them home to cook and enjoy. He’ll even leave you with a few pointers on how best to cook them!

Seafood Charters guarantees family fun as it takes you to the best fishing spots in the Gulf of Mexico — a breeding ground for mangrove snappers. Call us now to let Captain Keith take you on a highlight reel experience of the mangrove snapper.

Let us be your guide to catching the mangrove snapper!


Fun facts about the mangrove snapper

The mangrove snapper is also known as the gray snapper. It is a fish native to the waters surrounding the Gulf of Mexico.

During the summer months, the temperatures and the salinity of the waters change in this area. For this reason, schools of mangrove snapper make it closer to the shore.

The mangrove snapper also inhabits the waters of Brazil, Bermuda, and many other parts of the Caribbean. It enjoys warmer ocean water and often swims 50 meters below the surface.

Here are a few more facts on the mangrove snapper:

  • Mangrove snappers look very similar to cubera and dog snappers, but are distinguished by their teeth
  • They can reach lengths of more than 30 inches
  • They eat smaller fish and crustaceans
  • Their predators include sharks and barracudas

Schools of mangrove snappers swim towards mangroves during the summer, hence the name. Despite swimming 50 meters below the water, their grouping habits make them an easy catch. So, if you are a beginner angler, the mangrove snapper is a good first target!

The Best Season for Catching a Mangrove Snapper


At least 20 species of fish make up the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico’s waters. Each one has restrictions due to preservation efforts. In other words, there are certain times of the year when you will be allowed to catch and keep certain fish.  Get in touch with us today and we can help you reel in tomorrow.

Mangrove Snapper on Fishing CharterLuckily, when it comes to the gray snapper or mangrove snapper, it is open-season 365 days a year! The mangrove snapper, alongside many other snapper species, is fair game year-round.

The oxygen levels in the Gulf of Mexico tend to change during warmer times of the year. So, the snappers just come closer to shore in schools!

Mangrove snappers prefer to surface a bit when it is cooler. This is why the best times to catch them are early in the morning or late in the evening.

Mangrove snapper have been in the sights of many fishing enthusiasts in Captain Keith’s tenure. He knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to reeling in this highly popular species of snapper!

How to Catch mangrove snapper

Snappers of any kind tend to swim 50 to 70 meters deep in the ocean water. For this reason, you will need a lengthy fishing line with a pole to withstand the snapper’s tug.

Here are Captain Keith’s expert tips on how to catch mangrove snappers:

  • Set out for fishing spots early in the morning
  • Go to areas with reef or coral
  • Use live bait
  • When you feel a bite, do not reel in right away unless the tide is strong
  • Mangrove snappers are strong, so be prepared to change your tackles frequently

Clearly, you will need the right tools to hook your mangrove snapper in. Do not have a set of tackles, poles, or lines? Not to worry! Captain Keith always comes equipped on your behalf! You can use the equipment available on Seafood Charters!

Best Ways to Cook Your mangrove Snapper 

Captain Keith always finishes his group charters by filleting your catch for you, along with a demo on how to safely store your mangrove snapper! He takes all the guesswork out of what to do with snapper after the catch.

Mangrove snapper is similar to most large fish in terms of nutritional content. Loaded with Omega 3, mangrove snapper is also an excellent source of protein. The fins and parts of the head have vitamins like vitamin B, phosphorus, and, surprisingly, potassium.

There are so many ways you can cook mangrove snapper. Frying is always an option, especially given that their fins get super crispy. Here is an idea for a fried snapper recipe that uses tartar sauce and a parmesan crust.

Do you fancy sushi? If so, here is how to make a Japanese classic out of filleted mangrove snapper.

Booking Your next mangrove snapper fishing adventure now!

Summer can be short. Why not book a memorable fishing trip out on the Gulf of Mexico’s waters? Take this summer to reel in some prime mangrove snapper!

At Seafood Charters, we aim to create a fun fishing experience for you and the entire family. With Captain Keith at the helm, you are in for a treat as you sail the Gulf of Mexico in search of mangrove snappers.

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