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Atlantic Goliath Grouper Fishing Charter

Goliath Grouper Anna Maria IslandGoliath Grouper is exactly what it sounds like – a grouper of massive proportions. Known to reach lengths of up to 8 feet (or more) and weights over 800 pounds, Goliath Groupers are amazing creatures that have rightfully earned the title of largest species of grouper in the world..

Landing a Goliath Grouper is a huge goal for many anglers, both recreationally and for sport as it warrants major bragging rights. However, with this being a protected species you must follow catch and release practices. Couple that with the massive size of this fish and you’ll be challenged to land one without an experienced angler at your side.

Captain Keith specializes in targeting Goliath Grouper in the Gulf of Mexico using a hand line. He teaches you how to utilize this special technique of fishing using gloves, rope, a huge hook, and bait.

Are you looking to catch a Goliath Grouper? This process can be made easier and more enjoyable if you are with a professional angler skilled in hunting down these huge fish. Book a Goliath Grouper fishing trip in Anna Maria Island with Seafood Charters today! Follow Captain Keith on Facebook for real time updates and new trip pictures!

Learn More about the Goliath Grouper

In Florida, the Atlantic Goliath Grouper is found primarily in shallow tropical waters among rock, coral and mud bottoms on the southern coast. However, its full range includes the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and the majority of the Brazilian coast. The Goliath Grouper have also been caught off the coasts of Maine and Massachusetts. In the eastern Atlantic, Goliath Grouper can be found off the coast of Africa from the Congo up to Senegal.

Goliath groupers are highly territorial, returning to the same breeding spots at certain times of the year. These fish are highly sensitive to drops in temperature. For this reason, they need to be in water that is no less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to this, summer is the best time to catch one.

As their names suggest, Goliath Groupers are huge. They can reach lengths of almost eight feet and weigh more than 800 pounds. Their size can make them intimidating, with their resemblances to stonefish and snakeheads adding to their intimidation factor.

Goliath groupers feed largely on the following:

● Crab
● Baby turtle
● Octopus
● Barracuda
● Any small-sized fish

If you’ve got the goliath grouper on your fishing bucket list, you’ll need somebody with goliath grouper fishing experience. Captain Keith has specialized in Goliath Grouper fishing for more than a decade. He knows all the tricks of the trade for catching this mountain of a fish!

When is the Best Time to go Goliath Grouper Fishing?

The Goliath Grouper is a cold-intolerant type of fish. In other words, they are highly sensitive to sudden drops in water temperature. This is why you will notice these fish frequenting tropical waters.

Summertime is the best time of the year to go Goliath Grouper fishing. Captain Keith recommends booking a goliath grouper fishing charter in Florida sometime between June and September. These months are when the water’s temperature is ideal for the Goliath Grouper.

The best time of day to go Goliath Grouper fishing would be the morning hours at tidal change. Since Goliath Groupers swim close to the sea bed, catching them at night will be challenging, to say the least.

We follow a catch-and-release policy, as per conservation laws. In other words, you don’t get to keep your Goliath Grouper after you pull it in. However, Captain Keith will gladly take a photo of you to document your Goliath bragging rights!

How do you Catch a Goliath Grouper?

A word to the wise….

The Atlantic goliath grouper’s temperament and frame make this fish a challenge for any fisherman. Know that you’ll be in for a real fight with this fish.

Fishermen have caught Goliath Groupers with spear guns. However, for the sake of safety, Captain Keith prefers reeling goliath groupers in the old-fashioned way.Goliath Grouper Fishing Charter

You won’t need a lot of patience as Goliath Groupers are aggressive. However, you will need some serious forearm strength to pull one in. These fish with their aggression and weight can put up a real fight. There’s no need to feel like a failure if you lose one.

A fish this size will require you to have the proper hand line. Are you concerned that you don’t have these? No problem!

Seafood Charters will equip you with everything necessary to pull in the Goliath grouper!

Book a Goliath Grouper Fishing Trip with Seafood Charters!

June through September may seem like a long time. However, Goliath groupers tend to reveal themselves only for a short time. Take too long, and you’ll have to wait another year for a chance to catch and document yourself with this massive fish.

Let Seafood Charters get you and your family up close and personal with the Goliath grouper! We offer family-friendly fishing charters that you will remember for years to come.

Captain Keith is a great teacher and guide and will make your hunt for the Goliath Grouper one you won’t forget!

See our charter rates below. Give us a call at (941) 224-3320 for more information on our Goliath Grouper fishing packages!

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